Uniqueness is a quality we always strive for. It shapes our identity, like the singular fingerprint that sets us apart from the rest. It’s when we resemble no one but ourselves, so that with a single glance there’s no doubt, we are beyond compare. Meet ONE TOWER, the office tower that truly is one of a kind.


ONE TOWER is a groundbreaking building that is an architectural landmark amid Ramat Gan's magnificent Diamond Exchange District skyline. Designed by renowned architect and urban planner Professor Moshe Tzur, the impressive 160-meter tower is a beacon of innovative design that lends a prestigious international touch to the entire complex. As befits the most advanced tower of its kind, the entirety of the 36-story building is encased in curtain walls, leveraging the innovative double-skin method to promote more efficient thermal insulation, and smarter and more economical utilization of the air conditioning systems. The tower offers 50,000 sqm of the most innovative office space divided into 1,500 sqm per floor.

Like an outdoor statue perched in the city square, the impression on the landscape created by ONE TOWER varies according to the viewer's perspective: three glass cubes placed one on top of the other, elegantly slanted and twisted, that create the impression of quiet movement despite the reality of their existence as static monuments in the urban landscape. The inspiration for the tower's design came from the desire to create a monumental icon that would become instantly associated with the city's skyline. Far from being "just another tower", this is an architectural masterpiece.


"To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace." Doug Conant In today's business and hi-tech world, when employees rarely venture beyond their office walls, the workplace must be much more than just a "place". More and more companies are recognizing employee welfare as a central component in their corporate image. As well, they understand that employee wellbeing is the single most significant influence on productivity and workplace satisfaction. In planning One Tower, the developers embraced a world view that takes employee satisfaction to the highest levels in Israel and worldwide. Three aspects have been combined to form the perfect employee ecosystem: Community – As a result of the developers' inspiring attitude towards cooperative workspaces, employees at ONE TOWER will be able to enjoy a wide range of activities, including Pilates classes, massages, day camps for kids on break, shared workspaces, and more. Communal beer nights, engaging lectures, networking sessions, and joint running and fitness groups are also attractive highlights.

Innovation – The FM (Facility Management) personal app allows all employees to enjoy a variety of ONE TOWER services at the tap of a button: state-of-the-art underground parking with electric car-charging stations, complete service for bicycle and scooter riders (dedicated elevator, tire-filling station, showers, and bike rentals), receipt service for deliveries and packages from abroad, fully-equipped gym, high quality express laundry and ironing service, and additional luxuries that will make employees feel like guests in an exclusive hotel. Environment – Our building is green inside and out: in addition to having a huge 1,000-meter garden created specifically for employees' enjoyment, ONE TOWER received international LEED green building certification thanks to its double-glazed energy-saving windows, garden irrigation system with recycled water, and other environmentally-friendly elements throughout the tower that use green energy and reduce the building's carbon footprint.


The inspiration for the building's interior design lies within the world of Minimalist sculpture, in which the sculptor creates life-size pieces that urge viewers to experience them by moving around and within them. Geometric shapes within the ONE TOWER encourage such movement. They conceal areas that require separation, enclose important utility spaces, and direct the flow of people throughout the space.

In some cases, the elements themselves are functional, so that at ONE TOWER you will receive the highest quality infrastructure within which to create and design your office, with full modularity that will allow you to precisely match your business's character and needs.


At ONE TOWER, uniqueness does not just express itself through a revolutionary work experience and groundbreaking architecture. In planning the project, a great deal of thought was also devoted to safeguarding employees' and visitors' physical and mental health.

Introducing the Wellness Zone, a unique, advanced, and well-equipped space that offers a wide range of sports and leisure options: dedicated gyms, recreational and game areas, treatment and rest areas, and locker rooms with showers for ultimate comfort that creates a truly one of a kind experience.


When planning the landscape design for the tower's public area, the guiding principle was to provide a pleasant, inviting, and shaded space in the complex for employees, visitors, and passersby. This is an ideal venue for an impromptu get-together or even a business meeting, where the atmosphere is undeniably urban, yet secluded from the hustle and bustle by a screen of lush green vegetation.

In order to optimize the landscape design, year-round perennial plants with a local Mediterranean character were selected, with various shade trees providing wide cover, and assorted plants cultivating a pleasant, appealing ambiance. To complete the urban-pastoral theme, natural materials such as stone and wood were combined with modern materials such as steel, to create a warm, natural, and inspiring atmosphere. Pergolas throughout the open spaces seamlessly connect the landscape design to the tower, forming an unbroken sequence with the colonnade at the base of the tower and channeling visitors inside.


The right place, in the right time: over 100 hi-tech companies, four of Israel's largest insurance companies, and countless embassies have chosen the Diamond Exchange District as their headquarters and have recognized it to be fertile ground for international business. Today, more than ever, accessibility has a crucial impact on the wellbeing of employees and managers, and, consequently, on the entire organization.

ONE TOWER enjoys the ideal strategic location right at the vibrant heart of the Diamond Exchange District – the focal point for all business in Israel. Here, employees and visitors alike benefit from uniquely convenient access to all major transport hubs, including both current and future public transport options. The tower's coveted location facilitates immediate, convenient access to the Ayalon Highway and proximity to the Savidor Central Train Station with its adjacent bus terminal.


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